Kinbester Co., Limited is a leading global supplier of advanced intermediates and laboratory chemicals, we manufacture, market and distribute high quality intermediates which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electronic chemical industries and research laboratories.

Our major business activities are:

1. Supply laboratory chemicals and reagents

2. Supply advanced intermediates

3. Custom synthesis and contract manufacturing 

4. Investment in the fields of advanced intermediates and laboratory chemicals

5. Sole agency of good quality chemicals from all over the world in China

In the past 20 years, we have established very good business relationships with hundreds of famous customers in North America, Europe and Asia. We will continuously improve products and services, create value-added benefits for our customers. Kinbester Co., Limited is your right and reliable business partner in China. 

Custom synthesis

Kinbester Co., Limited is a reliable and knowledgeable source for custom manufacturing service. With strong research and production teams equipped with top quality facilities, we can provide high-pure level products which meet customer demands in quantities ranging from grams, kilograms to tons.



Main Reactions

Grignard Reagent Reaction

Organic Lithium Reaction


Pd catalyzed Reaction





Kilo Labs

Kilo Labs

Walk-in fume hoods

Reaction temp range: -20.0℃-150.0℃

20L rotary evaporator

20L-50L reactors

20L distillation

Circulating cooling system


Pilot plant

Refining-drying-packing workshops

Total reactor volume: 4750L

Reaction temp range: -70.0℃-250.0℃

GL reactors(50L x 3,100L x 2, 200L x 5, 300L x 2, 500L x 3)

Stainless steel reactors(50L x 1,100L x 2, 200L x 2, 500L x 1)


QC Lab

QC staff: 6

Main test equipments: GC-MS





Quality system (GMP、ISO9001)

QA works cover raw material selection, production, packaging, and delivery of the final products

Development and Validation analytical methods

EHS: Safety production, Environment protection, Profession health



Confidential Agreement

Respect intelligence property

Quality consistency

Timely delivery

Keep good communication and feedback in time